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Navigating the complexities of large variations of individual products, such as lipsticks and foundations, presents a distinctive set of challenges. Addressing the diverse spectrum of skin tones, hair types, and customer needs is crucial when it comes to establishing a reliable and user-friendly online storefront and website.

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beauty industry clients need us?

We’ve helped our beauty industry clients thrive in this competitive space with a polished website that helps direct customers to the products that will work best for them, utilizing quizzes and questionnaires. This segmentation can then be leveraged to cross-sell and upsell so that every sales opportunity is fully capitalized on.

Customer specifications and a laundry list of product features for each item available means that finding ways to communicate important information and sort products by specific concern is essential for a smooth shopping experience. We also understand the need for product instructions and imagery that are easy to access and available in various formats (models, flat shots, videos, etc.).

Whether you need your foundation product page to display 30+ shades while making sure your customers know that it’s also waterproof and hypoallergenic, or you want to create a video library of tutorials and content around the products you carry, we can help you build a customer-centric experience that fosters brand recognition and loyalty.

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