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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Why focus on bringing in new customers when you might have a large group of people who’ve already shown an intent to purchase but are dropping off at the very end of your funnel? At Blue Badger, we’re experts at identifying quick wins and proving the value of our suggested optimizations through A/B tests and data analysis. If your customers are already 99% of the way through the sales funnel, let’s help you focus on optimizing that last step for a frictionless checkout experience. We have seen our CRO efforts pay for themselves many times over and would love to be a part of your company’s next quick win.

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Minor Optimizations, Big Value

Getting customers to visit your website, browse your products, and fill a cart is challenging enough. Yet, many customers still make it that far and abandon their carts at the last possible moment of the checkout process. Our team of developers and analysts can help you understand where bottlenecks are occurring, and customers are falling out of your funnel so that you can make small yet mighty optimizations to your checkout process and increase conversion rates and revenue.

Through data aggregation, analysis, and visualization, we can review your company’s checkout process, pinpoint exact bottlenecks, cut down on unnecessary steps, and weigh the pros and cons of implementing small changes. Doing so can ensure a smooth and easy checkout process for your customers. These optimizations, while usually small and simple to implement, often result in significant increases in profit for your business.

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