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Creating an online presence and storefront for companies in the food industry comes with a unique set of questions and challenges. In a space where managing product freshness and shipping speeds goes hand-in-hand with filtering for specific diets, health disclosures, and local import/shipping rules, having the right tools is imperative to running a successful business.

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Working with clients in the food industry fosters a lot of creative thinking when it comes to implementing solutions to problems that are unique to this space. At Blue Badger, we understand the importance of building storefronts with very specific and granular filters for products based on dietary preferences (Kosher, Halal, Vegan, allergens, non-GMO/organic, etc.), that are both easy to navigate as well as pleasing to browse.

Additionally, we can expertly build the infrastructure for displaying important details about your products – from calorie counts to best-before dates, ingredient lists, and customer reviews – to ensure your customers have all they need to make a purchase without overwhelming them.

We also excel at setting up subscription services, creating bundle/gift set builders, and coding backend features for optimizing the shipping of frozen/perishable products that respect local shipping restrictions and guidelines, ensuring freshness and compliance.

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