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Product Information Management Systems (PIM Systems)

At Blue Badger, we want to help ecommerce businesses provide their customers with compelling product experiences that drive their purchasing decisions and turn them into repeat customers. This is why choosing and implementing a PIM is crucial to growing your business and ensuring accurate and comprehensive product information across all touchpoints and sales channels.

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PIM Integration Doesn’t Need to Hurt

Our team of experts has experience setting up PIM systems for many different businesses and use cases. At Blue Badger, integrating a PIM starts with a consultation session to discuss your products, their attributes, and the other tools you use and need your PIM to talk to. From there, we’ll think strategically alongside you to ensure your PIM project is successful and completed without a hitch. We’ll make complete upstream & downstream connections to your other tools, map & configure your data, and finally, build out any expanded functionality you require. Do you need a custom application built out, or do you have any special integrations to consider? We have the expertise you need for a successful, painless PIM setup.

When all of your product data, digital assets, marketing data, and more are consolidated and available in a single location, your company can enjoy multi-channel consistency, faster time-to-market, efficiency in data management, and more, so you can spend more time strategizing and growing your business.

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